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➡️➡️Questions about Preparing for the CELBAN

Where do I start?

Step ONE: Determine what you want and need.

  1. Do you want CELBAN material to use as a self-study?

  2. Are you willing to invest in a course?

Step TWO: Determine what you need based on your weaknesses.

  1. Have you taken the IELTS again and again? What is your weakness? In which skill do you need to improve the most: reading, writing, listening or speaking?

  2. Have you taken the CELBAN? What was the feedback you received when it came to areas for improvement in writing and speaking?

Step THREE: Determine the best study strategy for you

Are you more motivated and committed to studying when:

  1. You are studying alone?

  2. You are in a group setting?

Step FOUR: Then determine your budget

Acknowledge that it takes more energy to maintain motivation and dedication to studying when you go at it alone, how much are you able and willing to pay to advance your career in Canada.

Remember, it is faulty to be thinking of the cost of training in Canada in foreign currency. If you want only free material, your scores will reflect the lack of quality you received. Be reasonable about your expectations in Canadian terms.

Step FIVE: Explore your options.

Reliable quality resources and information can be found through the following sites:

Step Six: Discover CELBANPrep University.

CELBANPrep University has:

  1. A FREE Information Centre,

  2. CELBAN Material available through the Resource and Learning Centres, and

  3. CELBAN Online Preparation Courses.

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➡️➡️Questions about CELBANPrep University

Why is there a Grammar Essentials Series?

The gift of the CELBAN is that once you have written the exam, you receive feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to writing and speaking the predominent weaknesses Internationally Educated Health Professionals have are:

  1. Nouns & Articles

  2. Verbs & Verbals

  3. Agreement Errors (#1 and #2 are prerequisites for #3)

  4. Advanced Punctuation

Thus, to improve your scores not only in writing and speaking, but also reading and listening, improve your grammar skills first!

Applying the CELBANPrep method you learn not only how to identify your own mistakes, but how to correct them by applying a triaging troubleshooting process.

You can use these resources for

the CELBAN, the IELTS and the CELPIP!

What are Medical Collocations and why are they important to know?

Over ten years of working with Internationally Educated Health Professionals, beyond errors in grammar, organization and time management everyone has errors when it comes to medical collocations.

Collocations are phases that we use, words that we string together, on a regular basis. They are such a part of our language that we do not even know they exist. It was not until computers started to analyze our speaking and writing patterns that collocations came to be known. For example, we can "catch a cold" but we "get a fever." We do not "catch a fever."

And yet, many Internationally Educated Health Professionals get medical collocations confused.

Thus, CELBANPrep has collected over 10, 000 collocations organizing them into more than 20 sub topics to create two volumes. (A third one is forthcoming.) Get your FREE sampler. It is FREE with Kindle Unlimited. 🔗

Whether you prepare for the CELBAN with CELBANPrep, memorizing Medical Collocations will advance your career, creating a smoother and easier path for you regardless of what stage you are at in the licensure process: in any and all medical professions!

How does CELBANPrep Writing help me increase my score for Writing?

Internationally Educated Health Professionals do not get required scores on their communication exams - writing and speaking - for several reasons.

  1. They are using grammar incorrectly.

  2. They don't know how to organize their ideas in a clear fashion.

  3. They don't know how to manage their time so that the complete the writing piece in time.

  4. Very few people know how to edit their own work.

  5. Fewer still have time at the end of the exam to look over what they have written and correct any glaring mistakes.

  6. The last, and least important factor, is not being familiar with the exam format. This is an important factor. It is important to know how the CELBAN differs from the CELPIP which differs from the IELTS. But, #1-5 are even greater influences on determining whether someone gets the required score or not.

Memorization is not the answer! You can not memorize your way through learning a language and communicating in it clearly. You MUST learn the language => and take the time to do so!

How does CELBANPrep Writing help me increase my score for Speaking?

Over the years, one of the thing Internationally Educated Health Professionals taking CELBANPrep have said is that CELBANPrep Writing helped them to prepare not only for the writing task but also the speaking task. The reason is this:

  1. CELBANPrep Writing Level One teaches you how to organizing your self: your ideas and your writing,

  2. You begin to develop skills of brainstorming at a quicker rate. You can generate ideas quickly and efficiently. This helps you when you are both speaking and writing!

  3. You learn how to manage your time management effectively.

  4. When you understand the mistakes you are making with your grammar, you can correct it, whether you are speaking or writing in English. Your score on the exam does not have to be perfect. In fact if you catch an error when you are speaking, and correct it, the assessor will notice that and commend you for doing so.

I can't find time to study, what can I do?

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  2. ENROLL as a student at CELBANPrep University 🔗. Take the Secrets to Success MasterClass.

I am so stressed. How can you help me?

If you are looking for a way to decrease your stress while you Achieve Your Dreams .... promote wellness and self-care one-on-one coaching sessions so that you can maintain your health and wellness with the Secrets to Success on the CELBAN and in Life.

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